GM Diet Plan – Day 3

Of this 7 day diet plan, you have completed your two days dieting schedule. Today is the third day of your dieting programme, and we are here to guide you as what you can do on the third day of your dieting routine and what shouldn’t. Well now your days for fruits and vegetables are over, and you must be feeling much better. Day 1 and Day 2 of GM diet plan can be difficult for a beginner, but when you complete your two days diet programme you feel much more relaxed and healthy. Unlike your first and second day, when you have to be either on fruits or vegetables, 3rd day of your diet plan is a diet of vegetables and fruits. Except bananas, the diet follower has the liberty to eat all vegetables and fruits.

The 3rd day of your dieting plan is comparatively much better than the other two days. Since in first two days, your body in not adjusted to changes, you feel a little pain, heat and uneasy. By the time you complete your days on fruits and vegetables, you get adjusted to the dieting programme and then it become easier for you to follow the rest of the dieting routine.

On your 3rd day, you can again break your food intake into small meals and can consume them within an hour or two. Small meals at regular intervals will give you constant energy, and you may not feel hungry. It will help you to keep a check on your desire for any food products. You can break your food intake into 5 small meals starting with morning breakfast and ending with dinner. Meanwhile, you can take some fresh juice or vegetable juice as your mid-day snacks.


You can eat different types of vegetables and fruits on your 3rd day. You can start your day with a bowl of fresh fruits and a glass of juice or coconut water. Along with the fruits you should take 1-2 glass of water to maintain a healthy diet.

You can include vegetable salad or fruit salad as your meal for lunch. Eat a combination of various starchy vegetables and fruits to maintain required energy levels in your body.Again dinner could be a combination of fruits and green leafy vegetables with olive oil or no oil. Try to avoid any oily product during your dietary routine and eat fresh fruits and green vegetables for the entire schedule.

Lemon juice, Orange juice or Pomegranate juice can also be taken on the 3rd day of your dieting plan. You will feel much better and relaxed with this daily dieting routine.

Again a 30 minute physical exercise shouldn’t be avoided during this programme. One should not leave his exercise routine whatsoever as it will help them to increase the metabolic rate and keep the body healthy and fit.

Consume lots of water after every meal and snacks so that you feel energetic and hydrated throughout your dieting routine. End up your day with good raw meal, and get ready for the next day routine.

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