General Motors (GM) Diet Plan – Overview

General Motors diet plan often referred as GM Diet Plan was initiated by General Motors Corporation, with an objective to integrate and maintain the healthy life of GM employees. The diet plan started with General Motors Corporation employee soon became a world popular diet plan which was adopted by people across the world. The 7 day diet plan is based on the intake of specified food items which includes raw materials such as vegetables, fruits, juice, lean meat and avoid the intake of any dairy products. The popularity of this diet program is its fast weight reducing technique in a span of a week.

Unlike other dieting program which reduces body fat up to 10 pounds in seven days, GM motors diet has shown some significant result of losing 12-14 lbs fat in the same period. Many people who are yet to follow this diet plan may not be very sure about the effectiveness and the outcome of following GM diet. According to the survey by some of the well known diet researchers, GM diet plan has been proved to be the safest and the most preferred dieting plan among individual. Though there are certain effects, which a GM diet follower may experience during the first few days of his diet plan. However after few days a person will experience a soothing effect of this diet plan.

gm diet plan

Why GM diet plan?

GM diet plan is a unique and most accepted dietary technique with effective and faster result. An individual may lose 8-10 kg of body fat by strictly following this dietary program . Since it is a short term diet plan, it is easy to follow and improve your lifestyle. Designed by GM corporation with an objective to help their mid-aged employees to slim their body for a healthy life after retirement, the plan became world popular due to its drastic result.

A seven day – Diet plan:

GM diet plan works on seven day dieting program. An individual interested to lose weight through this plan should follow strict dieting technique for a week. The follower needs to control his food intake and should do 10 minutes regular exercise for the effective outcome of this diet plan. The GM diet is divided into seven days, which requires the intake of specified meal for each day. A person starts the diet with the intake of green vegetables, fruits and lean meat to detoxify his body thereby showing some effective result in less time. Water intake is an important aspect of this dieting technique, and a follower of this diet plan is strictly advised to consume at least 10 glass of water every day.


 Benefits of GM diet plan:

GM diet plan has been very effective for people who were suffering from various diseases (arthritis,hypertension etc) due to their overweight. This diet plan has helped them to reduce a huge mass of their body fat in less time thereby making them more healthy and fit.

1. It helps to detoxify the body from harmful chemical thereby cleaning the entire body and preparing it for a healthy dietary technique.
2. An individual may lose 8-10 kg of body fat in seven days
3. An easy way to maintain a slim and perfect body figure
4. Enhances the glow and beauty of your skin and gives you a toned muscle
5. Beneficial for people of all ages


Side-effects of GM diet plan:

A new follower of GM diet may experience hunger, weakness and sweating in first few days of his dieting program. He may experience body pain, heat, and increase in metabolic rate which can be reducing by regular intake of water. A person on GM diet plan should drinks lots of water so that he can maintain the required energy level of his body and keep himself hydrated throughout the program. Less consumption of water may result in weakness and other health issues. After few days of the diet program, the body of the individual gets accustomed to the dietary plan and works in accordance to the dieting technique.

GM Diet Program


Who can follow GM diet plan:

Any individual who wants to lose excess weight can follow GM diet plan; however, the diet plan should be avoided by any pregnant women. A person should follow this programme once in a month to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, people suffering from Hypertension, diabetes, or any heart related problems should not go for this diet plan. GM diet is very effective if followed properly and strictly.

Some common tips for a healthy life:

A healthy life lives in a healthy body, and one should take care of his body and health at every stage of his life. The most crucial factor behind an unhealthy lifestyle is the body weight which can cause various problems and health disease. Many severe health issues can be easily avoided with the proper maintenance of body weight. Diseases like joint pain, arthritis can be controlled by maintain a proper body mass proportion. gm-diet-lose-weight Some common tips that one can follow to maintain a proper and healthy body are:

  • Regular exercise for 30-45 minutes every day is a great way maintaining a healthy and fit life.The exercise can be done through Yoga, Gym, aerobics or even a 35 minute walk is sufficient to reenergize your body.
  •  Intake of sufficient amount of water. One should drink 3-4 liters water in a day as it is a good way of eliminating harmful chemicals from your body
  • Avoid any oily or junk food. Sweet, Chips, fat based food products, should be avoided in your daily food intake. This can be very effective in losing weight and can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy and happy life, then all you need to do is to follow the GM diet  which is a proven fast weight reducing program and take few precautions as suggested above.You can easily achieve your goal with GM dietary technique and will feel the difference in a week time. Enjoy a healthy life with GM diet  and make your life happy and beautiful.

73 thoughts on “General Motors (GM) Diet Plan – Overview

  1. i have been following this diet as said for 4 days and this is my 5th day. I am not able to go walking but I do abs for 10min. I am worried that so far I have not lost 1 pound also. I weigh the same as before. Any suggestion please

  2. This plan really works. I weighed 165lbs before, knowing that my IBW for my height is only 142lbs. I did this diet plan for 3 cycles and I lost 26 lbs. I know it’s hard but once you’ve set your goals and objectives, you’ll enjoy this diet more than you’ll ever know :) oh just a tip, don’t weigh until the 7th day. Weigh after the 7th day first thing in the morning and you’ll see the surprising results :) good luck! And don’t forget to change your whole wardrobe after :D

  3. To the person above whom said after the 4th ft they had yet to lose ANY WEIGHT?!? Really?!? I’m shocked! You should really speak to your doctor, my fiancé actually stopped on the 5th day bc he shed 10 pounds by then and really didnt want to page any more lol! I did all 7 days and lost 16 the first time we did the GM Diet & tomorrow I start my second time around. I waited 3 weeks in between. My sister lost 12 poinds total, my froend lost 10 pounds…Bc of our success we hace passed it along to more ppl tha j could possiby mention haha! You should talk to a doctor there is a reason it’s not working for you.

    What more is there to know?? This diet was recommended to me by my doctor, it is Mayo Clinic approved and it WORKS! I wanted to shed these darn 30 pounds I gained during a heavy depression and thanks to the lovely corporate beasts I am able to in a 2 month period! After this is the easy part of maintaining…simply live a healthy & active lifestyle and you won’t gain any of the weight lost back! I lost 65 pounds 11 years ago and never put it back I until this intense doubt of depression. And it will never happen again! Anyoe needing to lose weight, trust this diet, IT WORKS!!

    • You have been given a recipe for the WONDER SOUP which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. This soup is a supplement while you are on the program and it should be a pleasure to eat. Not everyone likes cabbage, green peppers, calory etc. This recipe is not inflexible. You may substitute vegetables according to your taste. You may add any vegetables you like: asparagus, peas, corn, turnips, green beans, cauliflower, etc. Try to stay away from beans (lima, pinto, kidney, etc.), however, because they tend to be high in calories even though they are very good for you.

      • G.M.’S Wonder Soup

        The following soup is intended as a supplement to your diet. It can be eaten any time of the day in virtually unlimited quantities. You are encouraged to consume large quantities of this soup.

        28 oz, Water, 6 Large Onions, 2 Green Peppers, Whole Tomatoes (fresh or canned), 1 Head Cabbage, 1 Bunch Celery, 4 Envelopes Lipton Onion Soup Mix, Herbs and Flavouring as desired.

  4. Few years back I shed 34 kg and now i am in a habit of doing rigorous workouts like running, skipping, cycling and that too for 30-45 a day at least and 1-1hr 30 min on weekends, but I don’t do it regularly because i have have a prolonged ankle injury in my left foot. Now what I wanted to ask is if I keep on doing the workouts the same way and follow this diet plan, is there a chance that i develop weekness ??

  5. For my Roasted Vegetable salad I was going to use Mushrooms, Butternut Squash and Red and Orange Peppers. Can I do this without using oil?

  6. I was just wondering, i really dont eat raw tomatoes, and im very picky with the meat I eat. is there any other things i can do those days, like change the tomatoes to another vegtable?? anything would help thank you.

    • Navreet avoid the diet plan for now. May be delay it for few weeks. This diet plan makes the body bit weak so i will suggest avoid it for now.

  7. My nana has a really nice vegetable soup recipie that i like. Basically just carrots, peas, onion, water, bit if pepper and about half a potato. Would i have to leave out the potato if i wanted to eat this regularly during the diet?


  8. Hi,

    I wanted to start on with this diet, but i am not a lover of milk and beef & tomatoes, I am allergic to them raw, How could i pass this on as i terribly wanted to start this diet. suggestions please

  9. Hi i just want to know if i can replace the tomatoes and soup? What kind of food can i take as replacement? And do i need to stop after 7 days? Thanks

  10. Hi, where I can get these stuff like, envelop of Lipton soup mix, singkamas, pomelo, sautéed book Choy, ado bong kang kong, sautéed sayote tops, Fuji apple. I didn’t know about these things and where I can buy these all stuff. Is this available in Walmart. I also want the full recipe of wonder soup. Thanks

  11. Never heard of some of the stuff…what if someone is allergic to a few of the veddies? Where can you find the odd ingredients? Health food stores?

  12. I followed this diet 4 days properly and today is my 5th day. I have lost 2.5 kgs untill now.

    I felt so much giddiness in the morning after I ate tomatoes and brown rice for breakfast. Then I ate lunch same as breakfast. After my lunch, I ate one chocolate. Is that a problem? Shall I continue this diet or stop? I am now worried that I ate Chocolate. Any suggestions??

  13. On the day we have milk can I have unlimited amounts of skim milk or inky 3 glasses? Can I have the milk on other days if I drink all my wster? Also can chicken be replaced for the beef?

  14. Hi!

    My sister started this diet an it’s doing wonders for her. I would really want to start it but I have gagvomit reaction to beef, liver parts and tomatoes. I guess I can take the tomato and cooked beef, but cannot really eat liver. Is there an available substitute?

    Hoping for your kind reply,

  15. I want to lose at least 25 lbs, but can this diet be done without eating the soup.. I have tried the cabbage soup diet in the past and have hated the soup.. So any way it can be done without the soup??

  16. I have done this before almost 4 months back and lost 3 kgs although was cheating somehow in drinking black tea with sugar, as I cant have any breakfast without tea. Today gain is my third day need to lose 12 pounds to reach my target but still cant avoid tea. I do cardio workout for 30min daily. hope will lose more the 3 kgs this time.

  17. hello, i’m a vegetarian. Can this plan be tailored for me? Does someone know an equivalent diet plan that is equally effective? Thank you for the great post and help.

  18. hi,i did it but i think i returnd to mu old size after a week again! what do i have to do? but the plan is good and easy for me because i love fruit and vegtble :-)

  19. oh! can i eat unlimited fruit and vagtble???? not banana and potato after day 2 !!! and can i chang brown rice with something else? this is very important for me , thank you :-)

  20. I gained 17 kgs due to steroids i took for skin. From 51 kg i jumped to 68kgs. Then i saw this GM diet plan. i followed it and this diet actually regulated my diet habits and controlled my diet. With in 3 months i lost 15 kgs and now my weight is 52 kg.

    i am again staring this diet to reduce 2kgs and maintain my eating habits.

    Thanks for sharing diet plan…

  21. My current weight is 89 kg, too heavy for a 5’2″ girl. I’m just curious can this diet be applicable to a 17 year old college student? Thank you :)

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